We are not alone!

When NASA says  “We are not alone” what do we think? Would your interest be spiked if I tell that the same thing has been said thousands of years ago by a sage called parasarar?

Read on…

We all live on Earth which is called “Bhúr-loka” (or Bhu-Loka). There are 6 more lokas above us which form a higher level of existence. They are

  1. Bhur-Loka – Inhabited by us-Humans
  2. Bhuvar-Loka – Sphere of Sky right above us
  3. Swar-Loka – Planetary sphere where Devas and Indira live
  4. Mahar-Loka – inhabited by saintly souls – This is the intermediary Loka in between the lower 3 lokas and the upper 3 lokas.
  5. Jana-Loka – Sanandana and other pure minded sons of Brahma reside here
  6. Tapo-Loka – inhabited by the deities called Vaibhrájas
  7. Satya-Loka – This is inhabited by souls which never again know death and Brahma

The Vishnu Puranam dwells in detail about the distances between each loka and what actually exists in between them. That’s for another post though.

Now below us, we have

  1. Atala
  2. Vitala
  3. Sutala
  4. Talatala
  5. Mahatala
  6. Rasatala
  7. Patala

These are the regions that are inhabited by Yakshas, Rakshasas, Pisasas, Pretas and Bhutas. Then we have Naraka(m) or hell.

That is not all. If you consider this whole system as an egg (or Andam) then there are the following  layers of coatings, starting with Water and encompassed by layers of Agni(fire), Air(Vayu), Mind and Intellect. AND there ends the boundaries of one egg.

There are thousands and thousands of such eggs in the cosmos, with each egg having its own Brahma for creation and other celestial beings for performing their own duties.

The next time we hear someone say “We are not alone”, let us not laugh at that, but introspect a little to see how small a speck we are in the whole scheme of things.

5 thoughts on “We are not alone!

  1. true indeed. We just inhabit the pale blue dot (Carl Sagan) at the outer edges of sisumara (our beloved Milky Way) Galaxy.


  2. Satya Loka, to my knowledge, is considered Brahma’s loka. Although it’s a higher loka, it’s not considered to be the place where karma and rebirth stop. Even Demi-Gods like Indra are still said to be in the cycle. It’s only when you reach Vaikuntam/Kailasam does this cycle stop. That’s my understanding, but I’m a student myself, and appreciate all the information you are adding on this blog. Please free to correct me. Thank you!

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  3. Thanks for pointing that out SR. A great point You have made that made me think and Seek.

    Srimad Bhagavatam (Canto 2, chapter 2, text 27)

    “In that planet of Satyaloka, there is neither bereavement, nor old age nor death.”

    But According to Gita – Chapter 8 Verse 16

    “From the highest planet in the material world down to the lowest, all are places of misery wherein repeated birth and death take place. But one who attains to My abode, O son of Kunti, never takes birth again.”

    There are many texts like this, which suggests either ways. Seems like the difference between SatyaLoka and Vaikuntha/Kailasa is very very subtle. But all seems to agree that SatyaLoka is not Vaikuntha.

    The residents of Satyaloka live so long (the entire duration of Brahma or 100 divine years) that they are deemed eternal. They get transferred to Vaikuntha/Kailasa during the Pralay or Dissolution in the same bodies. But equally, since Satyaloka is still considered Material, there is every chance that they may give in to the material pangs and still come down to the other lower lokas.(I’m not sure what those material pangs would be, at the topmost material loka).

    In this sense, I tend to agree with your point.

    Please continue to read and comment.


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