Varaha Avatar and Varaha Charama Slokam

Every Avatar of Lord Vishnu has an objective. If we look at the incarnations from a bird’s eye view, we will see one story in each incarnation- the story that has been handed over to us through the generations. But if we look a little deeper and study our scriptures, we will get the chance to see the inner meanings and the actual objectives of Dashavatar.

So, what could be the main objective of Varaha Avatar then?

Well, Bhoomi Devi was looking for a chance to have an intimate conversation with Lord Vishnu over Her children – us, the Jeevatmas. She was sad about our state because even after tons of rebirths we are still struggling to attain liberation from the cycle of life and death. When she was being lifted out of the ocean by Vishnu on his tusks, She asked Him for an easier way for Jeevatmas to attain Moksham. He complied and shared a slokam called Varaha Charama Slokam with Bhoomi Devi.

I’m not going to go deep into the meanings of the slokam. The essence of what Vishnu has said is that if we think of Him and accept that He is the very cause of this universe, when we are in our peak of health with a sound mind and body, then during the time of our death bed (when we cannot think of anything, but lie helplessly), Vishnu will take us to His abode, thereby liberating us from the cycle of births and deaths. This sloka gathers significance because in the concept of Bhakthi, one needs to be thinking of the Lord even at his last moments, to attain Moksha and reach Vishnu’s abode. Read the story of Jadabharathar to gain more insight on the importance of the essence of Varaha charama Slokam.

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