Kurma Avatar – 2

Lord Vishnu who took the Kurma Avatar, was actually enjoying the Samudra Manthan so much. Why would he not, when the movement of such a big mountain with its base on his back was actually making him feel very sleepy. Add to this, the upward and the downward movement of the waters of the ocean that made him feel that he was actually reclining in his own waterbed – A very rare moment for him indeed when during one avatar of the Dashavatar, He gets to rest and enjoy the whole thing!

The Supreme Being entered the demons as the quality of passion for amrita and into the devas as the quality of goodness to sustain their lives. Due to this, they were recharged and the churning went on in full swing. Soon enough, the results of the Samudra manthan started showing on the demi-gods and the demons. Vasuki was billowing smoke and fire through his mouth and the demons were worst affected as they were holding Vasuki’s head. They appeared like Sarala trees caught in a heavy forest fire and were soon drained of all their energy. The impact of the smoke also reached the demi-gods holding the tail. Their bodily luster slowly faded and they became black with smoke and vapour and gradually they weakened.

Sensing their despair, Lord Vishnu himself appeared on top of the Mandara Mountain, took hold of Vasuki and started churning the ocean himself. He appeared like a blackish cloud which would bring rain. He wore yellow garments. His eyes were pinkish in colour and his hair rolled over his shoulders. He was called Ajita in this avatar, when he was personally churning the ocean. Just sometime back, he was reclining in his waterbed and enjoying the whole thing. Now he is into the thick of the action. That is the beauty of his Dashavatar. Ain’t it?

The entire ocean became very turbulent. The Supreme Being knew what would come next. Even the devas knew about it as they were forewarned by Him before the entire activity started. But the asuras headed by Kaleya, Pauloma, Ilvala and Bali did not know. They all thought that only amrita would come out of the ocean. So they were surprised when everything other than the nectar started coming out of the ocean! Poor demons. They never knew the real reason for the Kurma avatar.