Vamana Avatar – 1

We saw how The Supreme Being took Kurma Avatar and defeated King Bali to help the devas. True to the principle that in the cycle of Life, highs and lows come in measures depending on one’s Karma, Bali lost the war with devas which marked a low in his life.

After his defeat in the hands of the Devas, Bali lost all his luster and opulence and died. Sukracharya treated him and made him regain his powers and life.  After this, King Bali began to serve Sukracharya with great faith and devotion.  Happy with his devotion, Sukracharya and the other Brahmans who were the descendants of Bhrgu Muni engaged him in performing a yajna called Visvajit so that he could attain all that was needed to embark on an attack of Kind Indra and his kingdom.

At the end of the Yajna came a chariot which was covered with gold and silk, a flag marked with a lion, a bow, 2 quivers full of arrows and many yellow horses. Prahlada who was the grandfather of king Bali, gave him a garland made of eternal flowers.  His guru Sukracharya gave him a conch shell. Equipped with all these essentials, he reached the outskirts of indrapatna and waged a war. Indra on seeing Bali-and his army which contained a large number of soldiers and demon chiefs who were equal to Bali in strength and opulence-immediately realized that this battle could not be won by him. So he reached out to his guru, brhaspati, for counsel. Being the wise man he was, brhaspati asked him to go to Lord Hari and pray for help.  At the same time, all the demi-gods were asked to vacate and go to a distant place and be invisible till Indra could get help. With no one to defend, indrapatna soon became Bali’s.

After conquering Indra’s city, Bali engaged himself in doing one hundred asvamedha sacrifices. At the end of these sacrifices he became totally in control. Aditi-mother of the devas, realized that Bali could not be defeated and her sons could not gain whatever they lost. So she prayed to Lord Hari. He was very happy with her prayers and soon, agreed to be born to her and Kasyapa as their son. Thus started the Vamana Avatar.


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