Vamana Avatar – 2

Once Lord Janardhana decided that He will take the avatar of Vamana and be born to Aditi and Kasyapa, He also decided that it would be on the auspicious moment of Sravana Dvadasi, the twelfth day of the bright fortnight of the month. Amidst the vibrations of the conchshells, drums, panavas and anakas, the Lord appeared in all his glory, fully decked with ornaments and weapons. Then in the presence of his parents, he took the form of a dwarf by seeing which both Kasyapa and Aditi were astonished. What a sight it would have been, to see Hari, transform himself into a dwarf from his ever existing form! All the great sages performed the birthday ceremony for Lord Ananta. Once he attained the right age, his parents performed the sacred thread ceremony for him during which Brhaspati, Mother Earth, Brahma, the seven great rishis and all the other deities honored him by their presence.

After the ceremony, He visited the northern part of the Narmada River called Bhṛgukaccha, where all the descendants of Bhrigu Maharishi were performing Yagnas. When he appeared in the Yagna area of King Bali, He was wearing a belt made of munja straw and the sacred thread. He also wore a deerskin cloth to cover the upper part of his body. He was carrying a danda, an umbrella and a Kamandalam in his hands. There was such a radiation of pure energy from him that all the descendants of Bhrigu Maharishi stood up and paid their obeisance to him, although they did not know who he was. His sheer presence made them see through his size.

Following the dharma of a King, Bali Maharaj received the Lord and washed Vamana’s feet first. Then Bali enquired on what he actually wanted. Lord Vishnu responded by saying that He wanted three paces of land. Bali was surprised at the request, as he had never seen anyone ask for so little. But then, true to his dharma he accepted the request from Vamana. As is the tradition, Bali took the water pot to seal his promise with water.  But he never knew that this act would cause great hard ships to his Guru Sukracarya.

So what’s the importance of Vamana Avatar in the Dashavatar series?  What does the Lord want to convey to us, the Jeevatmas through this incarnation of His? We will see in the coming posts.


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