Ramayana – Tadaka killed by Rama

The Ramavatar is the seventh avatar of Dasavatar. In this, the lord takes the form of an human being and lived the life of one, to show the world who a perfect human being is. Our ancient scriptures have clearly differentiated between his birth as a human and our births. While we are born as a result of our karma, He decides to be born into this world and chooses his own parents.

In the Ramavatar, he chose King Dasaratha and Queen Kousalya as his parents. He always introduced himself as “the son of Dasaratha” ! showing all of us how humble he was, as Rama. Throughout his life he always displayed humanly characters, underwent all the tribulations like any other person, cried and laughed and made mistakes. At the same time, he showed his godly side from time to time too.

Let us look at both these characteristics of Lord Rama in the next few posts.

Sage Vishwamitra took Rama and Lakshmana to safeguard his yagna. Although king Dasaratha was very reluctant to send them at first, he finally heeded to the words of his Guru Vasishta and let them accompany Vishwamitra in what he perceived to be a dangerous mission.

But we all know how this mission turned out to be, for Rama and Lakshmana. Actually Vishwamitra wanted to test Rama’s resolve for upholding dharma and the law of the land as he knew Rama would become king soon. The first test was killing Tadaka who was an Yakshi turned asura. Although Rama hesitated to kill her at first since she was a woman, he soon realized that she was no ordinary woman and that she deserved to be killed. After the death of Tadaka, the sage was so happy that he taught about the various astras or missiles and their usages to Rama and Laskhmana knowing fully well that the techniques were in safe hands. But Rama was more interested in the annulment of such supernatural missiles rather than their usage!

so what happened next? who followed tadaka to the Yagna? in the next post…


4 thoughts on “Ramayana – Tadaka killed by Rama

  1. Looks like Poothana has been mentioned in error since it was only in Krishaavatar that she was killed (or was this a different demon with the same name?). Wasn’t Rama asked to protect Vishwamitra from Maareecha and Subaahu?


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