Ramayana – Rama fights Khara

Rama sends Sita and Lakshmana from the battle ground and gets ready to fight the 14000 strong army of the asuras alone. Khara comes to the place in the ground on his chariot where Rama is standing casually, with his bow swaying back and forth. Khara is encircled by his deputies who are giving out loud battle cries. They are all charging towards Rama with their maces, tridents and various other deadly weapons.

The devas and other celestial beings are watching this scene from their abodes high up. Although they know Rama has an uphill task in the fight, they are not ready to help him yet and he is not expecting any, anyway. He uses his bow and the quiver of arrows to injure and kill all the asuras including Khara, but leaves one asura named akampana to live. (Rama makes it a habit to let one asura live!)

For the first time, Rama shows how skillfully ambidextrous he is. The speed with which he selects his arrows, strings them and releases them with the highest precision clearly shows that he is no human. It is crystal clear to everyone around him seeing this episode in Ramayan that it is no mean feat to kill 14000 asuras single-handedly and suggests that Rama is divine.

Let us come to the question that we asked in the previous post. Why was Rama happy to get into this fight when Lakshmana could have easily killed all the asuras? He could have easily asked his brother to finish the battle while he was taking rest which Lakshmana would have finished with equal skill and dexterity.

The humanely husband in him took control and came to the forefront when he assessed the situation. He thought that this was a chance to prove his bravery and valor to his beloved wife although he knew that Sita uttered those angry words just to make him agree to her proposal. Still, he grabbed it with both hands like any other normal husband would have. He displayed his divine fighting skills and the “always waiting to please his wife” husband emotions at the same time.

There were a couple of occasions where Rama showed that he was God and not human at all…

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