Rama and Lakshmana saved

Bound by that formidable network of arrows, the two high-souled sons of Dasaratha lay bathed in blood, breathing like serpents. In the meantime, the mighty Rama by virtue of his native strength awoke from his swoon, despite the shafts that held him captive. But Lakshmana is still unconscious.

The elder of the Raghu clan is stricken with grief on seeing his brother’s body lying nearby without any movement. He tells everyone around him that the rescue of Seetha means nothing to him if he were to lose his dear brother in the process. He feels that he can never face Sumitra if he were to return to Ayodhya without Lakshmana. He is so badly shaken that he thinks he cannot fight anymore and even asks Sugriva to return home immediately.

Vibishana enters the scene and is totally taken aback to see Rama in this plight. He consoles him by saying that Lakshmana would be fine and would get up soon. He is also angry that the son of his brother has deceived two honorable fighters using his cunning demonic mind. Sushena, the father in law of Sugriva, tells him that there are herbs of sacred formulas in the ocean of milk, which the celestials used to treat all their injuries during their war with the demons. He also asks his son in law to send some monkeys to get them so that he could treat the fallen brothers.

When they are discussing thus, a great wind arises, accompanied by massive clouds and lightening. The wind whips up salty waves in the ocean and makes the mountains tremble. Trees are uprooted from the mountains. The animals and snakes from the mountains plunge into the ocean.

From the winds arose Garuda, he king of birds and son of Vinata like a blazing torch. Naturally, on seeing him, the snakes released their grips on the brothers and fled away. Taking them into his hands, Garuda caresses their faces with affection. Touched by him, Rama and Lakshmana are healed of their wounds. They regain their shine, radiance, strength, valor, endurance and memory all of which are now doubled.

Would Garuda himself come down to our world to save some ordinary human bound by serpents? His arrival proves that Rama is God. But then, the conversation that happened next will make you tizzy.